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I have been having headaches for the last year and a half and have been to several doctors for long periods of time. No one has made more of an improvement on my neck and headaches than you did! Thank you so much Dr. Olsen!

D. S.
I came to Dr. Olsen after having recently re-located to the Treasure Valley from the Pacific Northwest when I couldn't shake a 30-day migraine. I have been to every type of doctor for my headaches and have been prescribed numerous medications and Dr. Olsen is among the best that I have seen in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. I really appreciate that he approaches my headaches and my overall health and well-being naturally and effectively. With continual maintenance appointments I am able to function migraine free and my back is feeling better as well! Thanks!

For years I have suffered with migraine headaches. I tried every approach to get rid of them. I tried pain clinics, steroid injections, addictive pain killers, you name it, I tried it. Hospitals scanned my brain with all modern technology and found nothing that would cause the headaches that left me incapacitated. Doctors looked down their noses at me and called me a drug seeker, hospitals refused to treat me with narcotics, and steroids didn’t help. I was left in the dark.

Finally my husband went on-line and looked under chiropractors and found one just down the road from our house. He wasn’t just any chiropractor, but one that specialized in migraine headaches. We were skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Dr. Olsen sat me down and showed me why my head hurt. I was convinced right away that he knew exactly the pain I was feeling. He showed me charts that explained why the pain was the way it was and how he could fix it. Within three short visits, my constant intense headache pain was gone. I was able to treat my headaches with OTC medicine with absolute success. I now have days in a row with absolutely no pain at all.

My life has changed completely. My husband says I’m acting like a woman ten years younger. I feel ten years younger. It feels like a miracle has happened. Dr. Olsen says that I’m the one that’s done the work, but he’s the one that has created the ability for me to do the work. Without him I wouldn’t be pain free.

S. O.
I came to see Dr. Olsen after much chiropractic from other doctors and with little results. I have had headaches since age 13 and progressively they have turned to migraines. Migraine medication was only effective for a short time until not effective at all. I have not had a migraine since I’ve seen Dr. Olsen. My headaches have tremendously reduced. I have more focus and energy without being in pain so frequently and medicated. Also, chronic neck pain at the base of the skull and back pain have pretty much ceased.

Thanks Dr. Olsen.

R. S.
I’ve been suffering from migraines for 20+ years. I’m on several preventative and abortive medications. I have tried everything and had everything done from MRI’s to a spinal tap. I’ve tried acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and medication. I found out about Dr. Olsen, drove from Salt Lake to Idaho, and within the 1st couple visits my migraines were cut in half. By the 3rd week of seeing him I’m down to only 1 to 2 days of migraines a week.

H. S.
I have suffered from migraine headaches for almost 20 years. I have seen several neurologists and have tried every over-the-counter and prescription drug, acupuncture, massage therapy and some homeopathic remedies. With all of these therapies, I have not found the relief as I do with Dr. Olsen’s jaw treatment. He has been able to knock my headaches down to less than half of what I used to get and I hope that as I continue to see him he will kill them completely!

T. C.
I have been experiencing headaches for over 5 years. At first, I could just deal with them with OTC drugs. They slowly got worse and worse even on narcotics and muscle relaxers. I was often nauseous and even passed out from the pain. I was looking up alternative methods of treatment when I stumbled onto Dr. Olsens website. After reading other testimonials, I decided to give him a try. In three weeks I went from 4-5 headaches a week to one headache in two weeks. I had limited insurance but I would be willing to pay it twice over for the relief and exhileration I feel from NOT being in pain anymore.

Thank you Dr. Olsen. I will refer you to everyone I know with headaches.

E. E.
Dr. Olsen clearly explained the source of my headache pain and gave me several practical tools to use at home to reduce the frequency of my headaches! His work in the office on my neck, jaw and back has helped to reduce my headaches significantly!

Thank You!

C. T.
I am glad that I started coming here. Dr. Olsen made me feel like I have hope again. My husband and I were very pleased with the knowledge of the Dr. and his experience.

J. S.
Dr. Olsen provided me with a successful alternative to conventional medicine treatment for migraines. His treatments were simple and effective right from the beginning and we saw results in the first few weeks.

C. E.
I have suffered from migraines for a long time. I have tried several different doctors and treatments. Dr. Olsen has been able to give me quite a bit of relief from the migraines. I don't get them as often and if I do happen to get one, it does not last as long and it is not as severe as they used to be. Prior to coming to Dr. Olsen I was very frustrated. Since seeing Dr. Olsen I am feeling a lot better and am much happier. Thank you Dr. Olsen.

C. G.
I would highly recommend Dr. Olsen. I have a rare form of migraines called hemiplegic migraines and have been trying everything for years-medications, physical therapy, surgery, etc. I have gotten more relief faster from his therapy than anything else I have tried. He listened to my concerns and we have worked together to come up with a program to fit my needs.

E. D.
I was getting terrible headaches that made me sick and were disabling. Nothing helped and I would get sick to my stomach and vomit until I had the dry heaves. I have not had a headache since I started treatment with Dr. Olsen. This has changed my life.

N. B.
Dr. Olsen has greatly improved my quality of life and reduced the number of headaches I am having in just a short period of time! He has also reduced an equally aggravating problem of tinnitus in my left ear that has made hearing difficult. Thank you, Dr. Olsen, for giving me some peace, improving my quality of life and remedying my issues. The treatment has been effortless and relaxing.

S. D.
When I came to see Dr. Olsen, my migraines were taking over my life and I was feeling hopeless and out of control of my life. Since I started treatment, I have energy again and feel hopeful for the first time in a while. I went from 3 times a week migraines to only minor headaches once a week or less. My quality of life has improved so much that I feel like a new person, or actually, the person I was before migraines! I've gone from taking very expensive medication almost daily, to almost never. It's been amazing.

B. A.
I have been a migraine sufferer for most of my adult life. My doctors, including neurologists, have for the most part prescribed medications, most of the time expensive medications that are not always covered by insurance. For the past 4 months I woke up every morning with a migraine. I began using medication every day, sometimes several times a day to get rid of them. In addition, I was experiencing a stiff neck during the daytime and evening and had to use an ice pack to help relieve the pain. I had a feeling that my stiff neck might be related to my "new" morning migraines. I knew I needed some professional help, but who? I had never heard of a chiropractor treating migraines before. I searched the web and found Dr. Olsen's site. It sounded like exactly what I needed, but a chiropractor? I thought "Why not? Give it a try. You need to do something." Well, Dr. Olsen, professionally and ethically, has proven to be a highly qualified chiropractor. He listened as I rattled on my migraine history on my first visit, so eager for a compassionate listener, and it was a rare event for me to be actually speaking to someone who understood descriptions like "debilitating" and "incapacitating" in terms of my headache pain. His knowledge of the trigeminal nucleus was most impressive. He really knew his stuff. After learning of my neck pain he suggested an x-ray and to my surprise, not his, it was discovered that I had arthritis in my neck. We immediately put together a plan to focus primarily on my neck. After 2-3 weeks I had unbelievable results. I estimate my migraines were 80% improved! And an unexpected bonus is that I have more energy now that my system is not being drained from daily headache pain and meds. Dr. Olsen has given me practical tools to continue to use at home and he is always available for questions and concerns. His statement is true that he genuinely enjoys helping people and I never dreamed how much he would help me.

S. D.
When I first came to see Dr. Olsen, I was experiencing 1-3 migraines per week. The migraines were fairly severe with them occasionally lasting up to 2-3 days each. Now I have gone 1 1/2 weeks migraine free. I feel great and am very pleased with the treatment I have received. I greatly recommend Dr. Olsen.

C. T.
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