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Most medical experts believe migraine headaches are caused in the brain through a combination of abnormal nervous system and chemical reactions. Studies are showing that neuron cells around the neck, face and jaw are sending strong signals to the brain and are triggering these headache attacks. Dr. Olsen’s tremendous success results from his experience with treating many of these hypersensitive areas using a unique combination of therapies specific to migraine patients.
Patient’s are often frustrated by the many medications they have taken for years that not only fail to resolve their symptoms, but also come with an assortment of their own side effects. The great outcomes experienced at our clinic are a result of the doctors experience, training and education in addressing areas around the head, neck and particularly the jaw that are linked to the nervous system through the trigeminal nucleus-a migraine triggering nerve cluster. After a thorough evaluation of your condition, the doctor will decide upon a treatment plan that may involve muscle therapies, physiotherapies, manipulative therapies, exercise recommendations, nutrition, supplements and stress reduction therapies all designed to eliminate your migraines. With this comprehensive approach to treatment, many patient’s have dramatic improvements in just two weeks.

Most supplemental and nutritional recommendations can be carried out at home after your initial evaluation at the clinic. Manual therapies are performed regularly, just like what would be performed by a physical therapist if you were treated for a back condition. When necessary, the doctor may order special tests or refer you to specific specialists in the area.

The cost of treatment is directly related to your treatment plan. Because we perform conservative therapies at the clinic, we are able to keep your costs low. We will bill your insurance for your treatments and we are in-network with most insurance plans in the area. If you are planning on paying for your services without the aid of insurance, most patients pay as little as $800 for four weeks of regular therapies, including supplements.

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